Oscar Night--BooHoo

What a night! Talk about a surprise ending. I thought us novel writers were supposed to come up with those types of endings—that was crazy. But, regardless, we have a winner. He got 16 out of the 24 categories correct. I personally think he should have had 18 correct because the picture and makeup categories were wrong. Look at the makeup for Star Trek and compare it with the makeup of Suicide Squad—really?  The acting might have been far superior in Moonlight, but the film as a production valued piece of art, La La Land, had that hands down. I emailed Tony and asked how he did it and he said that he had done a lot of homework. He checked out 6 critics websites and Vegas odds. He really did work for the prize and I must admit it’s a pleasure to award it to him. He has been one of my biggest fans since before the Naked Chef was released. He is a reliable beta reader, and a wealth of knowledge for sports and leisure activities I want to include in my books, and a fantastic sounding board for the male POV in sexual situations. Congratulations Tony, thanks for playing.