Oscar Night--Hooray!

Okay, so it’s official; I write better when I should be doing something else. My house is dirty and there are too many piles of laundry hiding in my closet, but D’Andrea Daschle is screaming words in my head and I must write them down. She is the protagonist in my latest novel, D’Andrea Daschle, The Life and Times of a Big City Food Critic. All the restaurants I created for that story are restaurants from my other books or restaurants I’ve dreamed about opening myself. It is my first attempt to appease my readers who prefer chick lit and need less graphic sex to enjoy a good romance with a guaranteed HEA. Not to worry my sexy erotic romance loving sisters and randy gentlemen followers, the Calendario Sisters are coming soon and so is my first motorcycle club romance. The Brotherhood of the Phoenix will introduce you to Axel O’Keeffe and his brother Augie along with a bunch of questionable members of the club.   

I’ve been behind the computer nonstop these last few weeks—just in case you’ve been worried about me. I’ve been thinking about you guys as I arrange and calculate your Oscar ballots tonight. I obviously have lots to learn about social media. I know now that Facebook posts need to be no more than two sentences, and blog posts need to be at least two paragraphs or 500 words, and they’re not to be reversed. Sorry. I know I made a mistake because the people who read my blog or have signed up for my newsletter are the only ones who have entered my Oscar contest. All you guys who connect with me on Facebook or Twitter didn’t send your ballots in and don’t get an opportunity to win the Amazon gift card. Sorry, I’ll learn to keep it short on Facebook so you’ll actually read my posts. Good luck tonight to all of you who did enter.